Terms & Conditions


Please remember that it is not safe for children to be left unattended with balloons.

At no time should helium be inhaled it is an asphyxiant.

Blitz Fireworks, Fancy Dress and Balloons accepts no responsibility for any guests, party members, the customer, hotel or venue staff who may inhale helium and who may experience breathing difficulties through the inhalation of helium or other effects.

The balloon décor will be positioned in such a manner as to cause the least amount of disruption and in the best possible area for health and safety reasons.

Blitz Fireworks Fancy Dress and Balloons accepts no responsibility for any accidents caused by the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff or members of the public at your function moving, hitting or interfering with balloon décor.

Blitz Fireworks, Fancy Dress and Balloons sometimes uses water weights to weigh down our columns, balloon centrepieces or other weights.

The weights are secure and will only burst if the décor is moved, hit or interfered with. Please ensure if ordering this type of décor that noone tamper, hit or interfere with these balloons and under no circumstances should columns be moved.

Please ensure that all guests and your venue are aware that the function area should be left clear whilst we set-up our balloon decoration to ensure we have a clear working area. Keeping our working area clear helps to avoid accidents when dealing with helium or working with invisible thread and we accept on responsibility for any accidents caused by the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff.

Please help to protect the environment. After your event has finished please do not release any balloons outside and dispose of them in an appropriate manner. Balloons are not suitable for outdoor release they may have ribbon or other decoration attached to them.

Foil balloons in particular can cause damage to electricity lines if they come in to contact with them. Both heat and cold affect the lifespan of a balloon.

We accept no responsibility for balloons which are affected by heating or air-conditioning within venues or where the doors are left open to let in cold air.

We will always endeavour to place balloons in a position where they will not be affected but in cases where this is impossible it is the clients responsibility to check your venue is suitable for balloons. By ordering balloons from us you accept these terms.

Blitz Fireworks, Fancy Dress and Balloons accepts not responsibility for any balloon decorations which may burst or deflate due to being moved or interfered with after we have completed the set-up and left the venue.

When booking balloon décor please pay attention to venue ceiling heights, positioning of air-conditioning units, vents, wall lights.

Sales literature, price lists and other documents in relation to goods are subject to alteration without notice. Illustration, photographs or descriptions whether in catalogues, brochures or price lists or other documents are intended as a guide only.

We reserve the right to make any changes or move decorations where the ceiling height or other matters in the venue pose restrictions. We reserve the right to change the colour of balloons or designs where appropriate within decorations for any reason.

We reserve the right to take photographs of our balloon decorations/deliveries to be used as a form of advertisement for future occasions.